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Do You Recognize Any of these Names as Family Names?

We are now the Cousins of the Hoxter Families, the descendants of John and Alta's children. Listed below are some of the names that are linked to us through marriage and elsewise. If you see a name that you have heard about or know a person or story about it would you please be kind enough to let us share it also.

Bell, Benson, Berry, Black, Blevins,Boardley, Brown,           Calvart, Campbell, Carter, Clouden,  Daniels, Downes, Downs, Dickerson, Dickerson, Dixon,        Emery, Emory, Evans,          Faulk, Fulmore,          Gray, Green, Grenich, Grinage, Grinnage, Griffin,          Hack, Hackett, Hachster, Hackster, Hayes, Hecster, Hector, Henry, Hochster, Hockster,Hoexter,Hogston, Hoxster, Hoxter, Hutchins,           Jackson, Johnson, Jones           Lively,           Martin,  Mathews, Matthews, May, Ming, Murray, Murry, McCall,      Norwood           Poblete,          Robinson,  Ross,           Skinner, Sizemore           Warner, Wilkerson, Williams, Wolkerson

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These are the names that are in the family at the current time and in the past. Some are very distinctive. If you know anyone with any of the rare gold names ask them how they came about having the name.

Male Names:

Alvin, Benjamin, Carvel,Carroll, Carl, Rembert, Hubert, Joseph, Hayward, Curtis, John, Cornelius, Watson, Parker, Jerome, Norman, Earl, Thomas, Phillip, Dante, Sabert, Saber, Eli, Elijah, Charles, Edward, Houston, Bobby, Arlen, Lafayette, Aaron, Dwight, Nathaniel, William, Melvin,Reginald, Irving, Keith, Kimball, Kendall, Donte, Antonio, Philip, Maurice, Marshall, Samuel, Henry, Marvin, Edward, Robert, Lawrence, Alfonzo, Delano, Shawn, Frank, Linwood, Alfonso, Norman, Carroll, Harold, Johnnie, Louis, Najeeb, Andre, Artie, Derrell, Eric, Vaugn, Timothy, David, Ray, Raymond, Roy,Sabray, Cheber,Ryan

Female Names:

Alta, Alfu, Atha, Anna, Ardese, Beatrice, JoAnne, Josephine, Ida Mae, Callie Mae, Elmira, Savannah,Lilie, Luretta, Loretta, Yvette, Carlita, Vanessa, Joyce, Juanita, Quintella, Cornelia, Alka, Indiana, Lynnette, Regina, Jedina, Redinia, Sherene, Fetia, Verniece, Liza, Eliza, Zorabel, Emma, Amanda, Chanel, Shamara, Shirley,Ophelia, Mozella, Deborah, Leslie, Rashea, Rasheeda, Corina, Hannah, Tyrina, Tamika, Yolanda, Caroline, Carolyn, Margaretta, Margaret, Virda, Wilhelmina, Minnie, Doris, Dorissa, Stacia, Bria, Cheryl, Wanda, Sharmaine, Tasha, Elsie, Helen, Geraldine, Aliyah, Danielle, Maria, LaNiece, Gladys, Ivory, Desirae, Ashley, Karen, Vonnie, Marian, Corynna, Tiffany, Starr, Dominque, Savannah, Zorabel, Indianna , Viola, Eliza, Liza, Geraldine

Family Reunion's In The PAST

We started having our FAMILY DAY'S in August of 1989.  The first two were held at CLEMENTON PARK, in Clementon, New Jersey.  During those first two years we had loads of fun and had over two hundred and fifty family, and friends in attendance.  Those of us that attended were from the Philadelphia, PA,  Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland area's.

We then had two at LUMM'S POND in Delaware.  Most of the same people attended.  During that time we started getting tired of doing the cooking and decided to try a park that catered.

Our first catered picnic came at "BRANDYWINE FAMILY PICNIC PARK, in CHADDS FORD, PA.  That year we made the Philadelphia Enquirer for our "LUA".  This was the perfect place.  The food was good and the other families made it all worthwhile.  We dined, played games, and entered into the park's activities.  Due to our imagination and inventiveness the park added the Lua to their regular specialities a couple of times a season.

We have no activities scheduled for this year.  However, if someone comes up with an idea and wants to do something they can feel free to contact this list and let us know. I will be sure to add it to our list.

Those that made the other Family Day's possible were:

Charlotte Hoxter, Delaware. Stacia Hoxter, Delaware,  Gertrena Hoxter, Delaware.  Joyce Hayes, Pennsylvania, Frances Martin, Pennsylvania, and Redinia Martin, Pennsylvania.


On Saturday, July 30th 2004 the Martin Clan held an old fashioned picnic at Philadelphia's Fairmount Park behind Memorial Hall. There were games food and lots of talk going on. The cooks outdone themselves.

We celebrated six birthdays. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Our permit was until 7:30 p.m. but the park police let us stay longer than that. Of course we can remember this date because it was the day before the floods that closed stores and businesses and boy did it rain.

Thanks to Carlita we were able to enjoy a wonderful gathering with family and friends that normally do not appear at the other functions.

Thanks to our cooks. Melvin, Bobby, Maureen, Fetia, Caprice and Arlen.

Happy Birthday again to the birthday people.

Bobby, Derrell, Eric, Curtis, Melvin and Nita.

It was so much fun that some wanted to do it again for Labor Day, unfortunately we had to tell them that we couldn't get a spot.

The Jones' held their Family Day at Brandywine Picnic Park on Saturday, August 21st. Family from Virginia were in attendance.

Those of you that are into church should know that New Union Methodist Church will be celebrating their 100th Anniversary October 3, 2004 in Goldsboro, Maryland. This will be done during the afternoon service on Union Road, in Goldsboro.

Family Day, 2005  Philadelphiia, PA  FAIRMOUNT PA

We celebrated another beautiful day in Fairmount Park on Saturday, July 29, 2005

Welcome to the family: Jada and Michael Robinson, Michael married Chanel Martin, Jada is their daughter, and Caprice Martin, married Arlen.  Also, Tatianna Martin.

HOMECOMING:  first Sunday in October.

Family members are really into the cooking and laying around. Another large turnout.  Hope this can continue.


God has truly blessed us with the dates that we have picked for our family gatherings. We were blessed with another beautiful day and wonderful company.  This year old friends that we grew up with were also present.  Family and friends were all welcomed with good food and drink. Our little additions for this year were: Arlen Maximus Martin (parents Arlen and Caprice Jackson) and Ismael Clouden (parents Tiffany and Maurice Clouden).


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Hi Family members, It's me again. We are now on Freeservers.com, any information you want the family to know about can be put on this site by contacting me or I will show you how to get your own site. This is an easy way for us to stay in contact with one another, also.

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Places where the Hoxter's have lived:

The Hoxter's have lived in various places, but have established roots in these known places.

 CALIFORNIA                            DELAWARE                        FLORIDA

MARYLAND                              MASSACHUSETTS             NEW JERSEY

NEW YORK                                NORTH CAROLINA         OHIO

PENNSYLVANIA                      VIRGINIA                            WEST VIRGINIA